It all started when...

Developed with some of the minds behind One Night Stand LA, DOPIUM.LA aims to preserve the original beauty of Chinatown, while showing its inspirational influence on an emerging community of creatives in Los Angeles.

For one night, we will be taking over the historic Mandarin Plaza where we've invited local artists to help us create an experience that explores the intersection of creativity and collaboration. An experience to spark the thrill of pleasure and inspiration - Like Dopamine through the brain, and Opium through the vein.

Featured artists will created original pieces to bring the plaza (aka the "Canvas") to life through mixed media, from sculptures, paintings and photographs to video and light projections. Combined with music, food, and drinks, we aim to stimulate all senses of sight, sound and taste.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP as this will be a free event and space is limited.